To reduce the use of tobacco and to protect people from the harm of secondhand smoke, some places have implemented a series of innovative and comprehensive tobacco control measures with the aims to reduce smoking prevalence to the lowest level, eliminate tobacco hazards for the next generations and achieve a tobacco-free future in long run.

The Hong Kong Government has set the target of reducing the smoking prevalence to 7.8% by 2025. To achieve this target and to move forward to the next phase of tobacco control, the “Vibrant, Healthy and Tobacco-free Hong Kong” Public Consultation on Tobacco Control Strategies has launched and the following four strategies for tobacco control were formulated in the public consultation document.

(1) Regulate Supply, Suppress Demand (2) Ban Promotion, Reduce Attractiveness (3) Expand NSAs, Mitigate Harm (4) Enhance Education, Support Cessation

More details of the four strategies of the public consultaton

In response to the public consultation document and the four strategies set out, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health proposed a series of policies and invite the public to support our advocacies. Please join us to express the views in strengthening tobacco control to the Government and strive for a tobacco-free Hong Kong.

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